BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Production

Tomorrow's Supercar

Anyone following the automotive industry will surely have heard about BMW’s Vision EfficientDynamics Concept that was unveiled at the Frankfurt International Autoshow last year. It looked like it dropped from the 22nd century, and boasted performance to match. 0 to 100 km/h comes in just 4.8 seconds, and fuel consumption of 3.76L/100km. Last year, the car was just a concept. Today, the car is reality.

King of Convertibles: BMW 3 Series Cabriolet

328i Cabriolet vs. Rivals

“When the pace picked up, heading out toward the charmingly named Skull Valley, no one was really surprised when the BMW emerged as the car that was easiest to guide through fast corners, decreasing-radius turns, a...

BMW: World's Most Sustainable Automaker

The BMW Group has been named as the automotive industry’s Supersector leader for the sixth consecutive year, and is therefore the world’s most sustainable automobile manufacturer. This was the conclusion of the S...

National Post: 2010 BMW 550i GT

The GT's cabin is classy and refined.

“The rear seat is up to snuff for two -- the occupants get heated seats, their own climate controls, reclining backrests and abundant legroom and head space. The optional rear entertainment system features two scree...

Canadian Driver: 2011 BMW 335is Coupe

Perfect steering, braking, and cornering

“Steering, braking and cornering are exactly what everyone says about the 3 Series — perfect.” - James Bergeron, Canadian Driver     James Bergeron of Canadian Driver had a...

Motor Trend: M3 vs. RS5 vs. CTS-V Coupe

The M3 is the oldest car here, but like a good red wine, it's getting better with age.

“The M3 is the oldest car here, but like a good red wine, it's getting better with age. Driver-focused powertrain and chassis make it a scalpel among sledgehammers.” - Angus MacKenzie, Motor Trend, Se...

Motor Trend: BMW 535i vs. Mercedes E350

A physics-defying technological wonder

"The BMW 535i is a physics-defying technological wonder that no longer flaunts its electronics.” - Motor Trend   When BMW launched the 6th generation 5 Series Sedan earlier this year, the automoti...